Fecha de publicación: May 25, 2020

Expat Hub Valencia

After a long and justified pause, we are opening our doors again. We will open our consulting services on Monday, the 1st of June, hopefully entering the Phase 2.
We had a good run before we got entangled in the Corona virus situation, helped a few people and gotten a few very good reviews. We picked up about 350 likes too.
This strange time was used to develop the other part of our business, the part that hopefully pays our bills - an innovative print shop about everything connected to Valencia. The shop should also open its internet doors in June, and if we are lucky, a physical shop when the tourists come back again (Pedro says July). Meantime, as an illustration we offer you one of our wall art prints. We hope to have quite a few designs by the time we open the shop.
So, if you think we can help you, either remotely or directly, please go to our site expathub.org, fill out the appointment form, or simply send an enquiry and we will be there for you.
We wish ourselves and you a happy beginning of this Brave New World.
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